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Sylvie Naudé Plazza is a native New Yorker, born in Glen Cove, Long Island. Her father, Cedric Naudé, was an inspiration as an avid photographer and entrepreneur. At 19 Sylvie moved to California to continue her education. Her direction led her to launch several fragrance companies in Las Vegas, Kansas City and Berkeley. By 23 she moved to Los Gatos, California and started a t-shirt printing company, New York Press, Ink. Clients ranged from race car drivers including Michael Schumacher and the Andretti brothers to Silicon Valley giants such as NASA and Netscape. She sold her business to her largest contract client 3 years later.

In 1998 Sylvie moved to Paris, as she is French with dual nationality. There, she deepened her passion for photography, preferring to be on the other side of the camera from earlier modeling days. She taught business English and later worked with a film producer, including work on a project at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. She traveled to remote villages and the colorful life - though not always appealing - as she is drawn towards history.

With each shot invoking a story, she enjoys capturing seconds in time. Amassing a collection of images of urban architecture and nature, she focuses on the unusual. She still concurs Photo Service on Champs Elysées is the best photo development house for quality and reliance. In 2000 she moved to Antwerp to start a business of exporting antiques from Belgium to America. She eventually set her interests aside to move back to New York one week after September 11, 2001.  After working for a couple years on a United Nations project, she established as an interior designer in NYC in 2005.  With a penchant for design, she created a platform for adding modern sophistication, curiosity and style to homes.  Following her dreams, she had her first photography opening in 2005 and is looking forward to other openings in the future.  Currently living in Manhattan with her two loves: her husband and dog, she is working on writing her second novel as well as a historical account.  Some of her writing is shared on her blog: deep fried desires.  Sylvie Naudé Plazza started 2sides as an organization to promote her photography while supporting various charities.



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